by Anika Hintz, 06/29/2020, Interlochen, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Starting on March 13,2020 I did not go anywhere in the car for over two months. Before Covid, my activities kept me busy going back and forth from school to my dance studio, choir, and the YMCA. That has all changed. Now I go upstairs, turn on the computer and click on a link. It is easy but disappointing. I miss sneaking up and scaring my teacher and my friends. I also use Zoom to eat lunch with my friends.

I will admit it is nice being on a big comfy chair under my fluffy blanket snuggling with my cat in my PJs and eating Goldfish crackers while writing this.

I broke my record of staying home two months later when I went to see the A 10 warthogs fly over Munson hospital to say thank you to the health care workers.

It all went by so fast that I don’t remember most of it but I do remember being really bored and just wanted the lake to warm up so I could go swimming.

Masks are the new normal. History is happening.