by Brett Bufford, 04/16/2020, Traverse City, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

It’s April 16th, a Thursday afternoon, what looks like a sunny day but is a little chilly. Days usually feel long and boring, not much happens anymore because we can’t go anywhere or do anything. Surprisingly my muscles and bones hurt from not doing anything, and not so surprisingly I can feel that I’ve gotten a little weaker, and round… The food in the house has to be cooked so I usually wait until dinner for a full meal, other than that it’s just granola bars. I’ve listened to all my playlists 4-5 times and I am also discovering 3-4 year old games in my library. I’ve also discovered that other people live in this home, and I think I’m related to them. It’s weird to know almost a month has gone by and I’ve done so little. I kinda want to have a bonfire though, i’ll do that tonight. Yeah, I’m going insane.