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Author Next Door Spotlight: Mo Gerhardt

 Mo Gerhardt – a medical miracle, basketball radio analyst, Spartan, proud uncle, and now, a memoirist. Mo was born in Traverse City and at the age of eight he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and was told by doctors he would be lucky to live beyond his teens. In the fall of 2006, at the age of 28, Mo’s diagnosis was changed to ...
Author Next Door Spotlight: Mardi Jo Link

Author Next Door Spotlight: Mardi Jo Link

Mardi Link – a pool player, soccer mom, Detroit Lion’s fan and an author who finally put “writer” on her tax return. Mardi is the author of Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass On a Northern Michigan Farm. She studied agriculture and journalism at Michigan State University and creative writing at Queens University of Charlotte. She has worked ...
Event Review: Buzz Bissinger

Event Review: Buzz Bissinger

For the first time, the NWS opened the event with a reading from a fellow student of mine, and I must say, it was phenomenal. Brian Czyzyk took the stage and captivated the audience from the very first word of his original poem, Wolf Pup, to the very last. I look forward to more readings like this in the future. I think it was a great way for ...
Book Review: Where History and Science Fiction Collide

Book Review: Where History and Science Fiction Collide

Where History and Science Fiction Collide by Maxine Tewsley Professor Tuesday’s Awesome Adventures in History, Book Three: The Underground Railroad by Jeffrey L. Schatzer I have read many books in my life. They each cling to my brain in a different way. Recently, I have been reading the third book in the series, Professor Tuesday’s Awesome ...

Author Next Door Spotlight: Jeff Schatzer

Jeff Schatzer is a storyteller and author who finds inspiration in our country’s legends and history. A northern Michigan resident, Jeff holds a BSBA, MBA and BSC. He started his career as a commercial writer, first writing about mundane subjects like water heaters and nails for a retail lumber and building supply outlet, that eventually ...

Update: Author Next Door Spotlight: Cari Noga

May 2015 Update: Noga was lucky enough to be discovered and picked up by an acquisitions editor at Lake Union, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. Her novel Sparrow Migrations, was re-released by Lake Union Publishing on June 23, 2015 with manuscript revisions which deepen character relationships, a new cover and an audio edition (CD and mp3), ...

The Fly Fishing Poet

When he isn't guiding world-renowned photographers, psychologists, and Hollywood acting coaches, Interlochen's Chris Dombrowski is writing. talked with him about his new book, Earth Again. Read all about it