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NWS Author Next Door Spotlight: Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler - teacher, family guy, and history buff. These days you will likely find him on field trips noted for “mud, sand, mosquitoes and wildflowers.” “I am overeducated,” says Fidler. He has a BA in Far Eastern Languages, BA in Biology, MS in Biology, and a doctorate in Education, all from the University of Michigan. “My education ...
NWS Author Next Door:  Elizabeth Buzzelli

NWS Author Next Door: Elizabeth Buzzelli

NWS Author Next Door:  Elizabeth Buzzelli made a Writers Minute appearance this week that will send chills down your spine. Buzzelli is the featured NWS Author Next Door Spotlight for September. Read all about it.

NWS Author Next Door Spotlight: Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli  — she murders for a living and is an expert on poisons, hangings, fingerprints, and DNA. Elizabeth is a mystery writer and journalist with six published novels that include Gift of Evil, Dead Dancing Women, Dead Floating Lovers, Dead Sleeping Shaman, and Dead Dogs and Englishmen (Midnight Ink). She reviews for the ...

Author Next Door Spotlight: Aaron Stander

Aaron Stander—a novelist, poet, passionate reader, radio show host and in his spare time, a kayaker. Aaron spent most of his adult years in the Detroit area, where he taught English and trained writing teachers. In 2000 he and his wife left college teaching positions and moved permanently to their cottage near Traverse City. He is the author ...

Author Next Door Spotlight: Mo Gerhardt

 Mo Gerhardt – a medical miracle, basketball radio analyst, Spartan, proud uncle, and now, a memoirist. Mo was born in Traverse City and at the age of eight he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and was told by doctors he would be lucky to live beyond his teens. In the fall of 2006, at the age of 28, Mo’s diagnosis was changed to ...
Author Next Door Spotlight: Mardi Jo Link

Author Next Door Spotlight: Mardi Jo Link

Mardi Link – a pool player, soccer mom, Detroit Lion’s fan and an author who finally put “writer” on her tax return. Mardi is the author of Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass On a Northern Michigan Farm. She studied agriculture and journalism at Michigan State University and creative writing at Queens University of Charlotte. She has worked ...
Event Review: Buzz Bissinger

Event Review: Buzz Bissinger

For the first time, the NWS opened the event with a reading from a fellow student of mine, and I must say, it was phenomenal. Brian Czyzyk took the stage and captivated the audience from the very first word of his original poem, Wolf Pup, to the very last. I look forward to more readings like this in the future. I think it was a great way for ...