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NWS Author Next Door: Jeff Smith

NWS Author Next Door: Jeff Smith Summer 2016 release: "Becoming Amish" By: Jeff Smith Book Description: Bill and Tricia Moser were living in one of America's wealthiest communities—Grosse Pointe, Michigan—when they stepped away and began a journey that led to full immersion in a horse-and-buggy Amish life. No more BMWs. No more architecture ...

NWS Author Next Door: Kathleen Stocking

Anne Stanton recently caught up with author Kathleen Stocking. What makes a person want to be a writer? Troubles, I think. Someone, not me, said somewhere that a person starts with a wound they need to heal and once they figure out how to do it by creating – in art, writing, music -- then they can do that in a way that helps other people ...

NWS Author Next Door: Jay Harrington

NWS Author Next Door: Jay Harrington Meet One-of-a-Kind Lawyer/Author/Branding Creative Guy.  While toiling away in Chicago at one of the world’s largest law firms as a twenty-something attorney, Jay Harrington never could have imagined where his career would take him 15 years later. Today, along with his wife Heather, he runs a brand ...