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Meet January's Author Next Door: Jay Harrington

If fairies were to live anywhere, they would live along a stretch of the Cedar Cathedral Trail in the Grand Traverse Commons, called the Fairy Trails Project. Along these paths, tiny houses made of pine cones, shells, and rocks invite woodland fairies to inhabit their own little corners of Traverse City. The Fairy Trails Project was started ...

Meet December's Author Next Door: Michael Taillard

By Anna Faller December, 2017 Prolific author, Michael Taillard, was not always a writer -- at least, not by trade. Taillard actually began college as a tuba performance major and part-time body piercer, but after taking his first economics course, he says, “everything just kind of clicked.” Taillard was initially drawn to economics by the ...

NWS Author Next Door: Marina Nieman Call

Author Next Door: Marina Nieman Call November 2017 Marina Call is a freelance writer currently working on her second novel. Originally from southern California, she received her B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in History of Art and Architecture.  She continued her studies in Rome where she completed her Global MBA ...