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Author Next Door Roger Hardnock Interview

By Anna Faller You might say that Roger Hardnock is a man of many talents. You might, and he is, but to leave it at that would be a substantial understatement. On the contrary, Hardnock is truly a jack-of-all-trades. As a bright and shiny college grad, he first entered the workforce through Detroit’s infamous auto industry, and then spent the ...
Author Next Door Tim Rappleye

Author Next Door Tim Rappleye

By Paul Oh Meet Tim Rappleye, the author of the recently published Jack Parker's Wiseguys: The National Champion BU Terriers, the Blizzard of '78, and the Miracle on Ice. Mr. Rappleye’s love of hockey has driven much of his career spanning his work in the fields of journalism, television production, blogging, and more. He’s covered the NHL on ...

Local Author Reveals the Inner Beauty of the Ignored and Uncommon

By Paul Oh Beyond the obvious and bountiful beauty of northern Michigan, you’re likely to step on or over or under elements of nature you might think you’re better off without. Maybe that lamprey had latched onto and marred what would otherwise be an award-winning fish or that bad case of swimmer’s itch that arrived at your ankles by way of ...