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Authors Next Door: Michelle White

Author Next Door Feature: September, 2018 By Anna Faller In a town defined by cherries, Michelle White is the unequivocal expert. The creator of Michelle’s Miracle nutraceutical brand and former-owner and founder of the Leland Cherry Company, White knows a thing or two about the region’s most iconic fruit. But, she’s planted another seed ...

Authors Next Door: Mandy Toomey

July, 2018 By: Anna Faller Nashville transplant and first-time author, Mandy Toomey, is a textbook triple-threat: no; not the show-biz kind, though she comes awfully close. Already a successful musician and new mom, Toomey can now add “published writer” to her rapidly-growing resume. Her debut writing endeavor, a children’s book, entitled ...
Authors Next Door: Anne-Marie Oomen and Linda Nemec Foster 

Authors Next Door: Anne-Marie Oomen and Linda Nemec Foster 

Mermaids don’t exist. It’s a dull, disheartening truth that we all probably accepted in childhood, despite Disney’s best efforts. But whatif they did? Seated next to each other at a reading of Alison Swan’s Fresh Water anthology more than a decade ago, local authors Anne-Marie Oomen and Linda Nemec Foster found themselves asking this very ...