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Author Next Door: Tanya Crosby

Author Next Door: Tanya Crosby

What does a 12-year-old ask for when offered anything in the world? If that 12-year-old is bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby, the answer is, her father’s typewriter. We’ve caught up with Tanya to discuss writing, and her new book, Everyday Lies.* MS:  Can you tell me a bit about yourself, Tanya? TC:  I’ve been in the writing ...
Author Next Door: Jon Constant

Author Next Door: Jon Constant

By Molly Stadler Leelanau by Kayak is the perfect book to flip through while lounging on the sofa in the living room of your northern Michigan cottage, and dreaming of your next watery adventure. That’s just how author Jon R. Constant intended it to be. Meet Jon Constant, a retired social studies teacher at Traverse City Central High ...

Author Next Door: Dean Feldpausch

By: Anna Faller It was the perfect love story. A privileged prima ballerina and an agrarian aerial stuntman, entrenched in a clandestine affair, untraceable save for a single exchange. Did it ever happen?  Dean Feldpausch thinks it did; “and if [it] didn’t,” he says, “[it] should have.” In his debut historical fiction novel, The Batman ...

Author Next Door: Brooke Shaffer

By: Anna Faller Remember that creative kid in elementary school? Every class had theirs: that one kid who could fill every possible inch with writing, and still go on to another sheet of paper. Northern Michigan-based author Brooke Shaffer remembers, because she was that kid. In fact, she can’t recall a time in her life when she wasn’t ...