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Author Next Door: Charles Eisendrath

Author Next Door: Charles Eisendrath

By Molly Stadler Charles R. Eisendrath is tall, dark, handsome, smart, and successful—and, yes, he told me to write all of that. As a young intern for the National Writers Series, I was kind of nervous about interviewing Eisendrath. On paper he’s extremely intimidating; a Yale graduate; a former TIME correspondent in London, ...

Author Next Door: Heather Shumaker

Heather Shumaker Seeks to Inspire By Molly Stadler Heather Shumaker writes for the children, the next and newest generation of readers and writers. The books they are reading have an enormous impact on their thoughts and feelings about literature, and can influence them for years to come. Shumaker recalls The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. ...