by Mary Kay Zagata, 04/18/2020, Manton, MI

Adult Category

Stay at home.
Do not travel to your second home up north.
Is that so hard?

An unseen killer lurks among all of us.
You could be very ill at this moment.
This silent, stealthy sickness sneaks, like an invisible phantom, waiting to strike.

Where did you stop on your way?
Who did you speak with?
Did you wear a mask to protect yourself and others from a sneeze?

A myriad worry about paying rent, feeding children, or how elderly mothers will survive the nursing homes, while you,


Travel to my backyard to ride trails or mow lawns.

You think you need, you deserve, a break from the city.
I am blessed to live in Vacationland, but don’t you think that I, too, want to see other sights?
I will not go to my little Granddaughter who asks, “Can you come to my house when the germs go away?”
I will not go because I love her.
I will not go until some sense of safety returns.

You were asked to stay at home.
You were asked not to travel to my backyard.

I ask again, “Why are you so selfish?”