Ryan is a partner and managing director at Rehmann. Following graduation from Michigan State’s Eli Broad undergraduate business school, he began his career as a personal financial advisor. Shortly there-after, Ryan joined Rehmann and was part of the team charged with building the Firm’s wealth management solution. Today, nearly 17 years later, there are over 900 associates in 20 offices across three states. Rehmann Wealth has grown into one of the largest, independently owned, wealth advisory firms in the country.  

Ryan is a Traverse City native, growing up in Central Neighborhood. The arts and cultural experiences were a focal point of his upbringing. Today, Ryan, his wife, and their four children live in Traverse City and are actively involved in supporting our community’s future. Specific areas of interest are our early childhood development, economic development, arts and culture. Ryan believes the National Writers Series is one of the unique crown jewels of our community that contributes to the success of each of these interests.  Ryan has been a member of the NWS finance committee for the past three years