by Mimi DiFrancesca, 04/03/2020, Northport, MI

Adult Category

NaPoWriMo2020 30 poems in 30 days April 1-30
Poem #3


there were no sirens

no months of practice drills

to ready us for this

like vapid teens in slasher films

fools swagger out

into the village taunting the threat

unconcerned they’ve brought the killer home

where it will steal the breath

from their mother’s mother

here- far north of the world

in this small village

we don’t feel the cold punch of truth

the city dwellers face

here- we can still pretend there is a place

called “Over There”

where that thing happened one spring

we can still dream of perfect summer waiting

fresh and clear and lush

with night blooming jasmine

and sweet hammock slumber

on a hot August night

where we are all, still,


if only

in our bathroom mirrors