by Katie Brazee, 04/08/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

“We’re all in this together.” -Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer
That is what a lot of people need to hear as we are not even to the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Coronavirus is a sickness that broke out in late 2019, it started in Wuhan China and spread rapidly through the country, it was said to reach the United States January 21st 2020. And the last state to contract the virus was West Virginia and it was said that it reached there on March 17th 2020. It was a fast outbreak spreading through the country at a very quick rate. Watching the news was a very big thing to wrap your head around for many kids, considering many kids in their teen years and younger have never experienced anything like this before, especially something that doesn’t just affect their state or country but the whole world. When school was let out most kids were excited for a break from school, but when it was announced on March 30th 2020, that Michigan schools were done for the year, it was a shock for sure, but for safety of students it was important that students were not a host for the virus.
The difficulties of living with the virus goes on and on, for schooling it is very hard to stay up to date with every assignment. And staying home all day is boring for most and not being able to see friends at school everyday can be tough. But for the safety of people throughout people’s state, country, and world it needs to be done.
There has not been a vaccine for the virus and there has not been a date for when this could slow down but in the future how society will change will be the biggest topic, going forward there might be more precautions with traveling, or there might be more enforcing on sanitation in schools or in general.
The coronavirus is new territory and for most kids this is the biggest event to happen in their life. And at this age it can be too much to handle but we can only hope for the best. Just to know that there will be a day where we remember this historic time and look back and remember the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.