Bet On You: How to Win with Risk (Hardcover)

Available for pick-up or shipping from Horizon Books in Traverse City.

In Bet On You: How to Win with Risk, you’ll learn to build the risk-taking skills that will lead you to a life of fulfillment:

Discover the formula for success that will supercharge your decision-making confidence and transform even the most risk-averse mindset.

In Bet on You, Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch reveal hard-earned, real-world insights that will help you realize your potential by enacting risk in ways most meaningful to you.

The author’s risk-taking guidance has been embraced by the world’s best businesses – Google, Boston Scientific, FedEx, and Oracle.  Their insights are the secret sauce behind any transformative journey to a success-filled life.

With clear, actionable steps, this book:

  • Enlightens readers with a new perspective on how risk really works and clears up common misconceptions about risk, such as it being the opposite of reward.
  • Empowers professionals of all types with guidance on how to start practicing new habits right away to build their risk-taking muscles.
  • Shows how to weave a safety net to mitigate the downside of risks.
  • Offers effective strategies for managing risk-killing emotions: fear and failure.

Praise for Bet On You:

“‘Bet on You – How Leaders Win with Risk’ invites readers to get out of their comfort zone, lead change, and win! It’s a timely, inspiring, and compelling read.” ~General Joseph Dunford, USMC (Ret.) and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“Anyone who wants to ignite meaningful change in their lives needs to read Bet on You. Angie and Courtney not only succeed in demystifying the concept of risk but also by offering a no-nonsense approach on how to initiate it. Their personal stories, combined with their direct guidance, will give you the courage and confidence to lead your life in ways most authentic to you.” ~Aria Finger, Former CEO of

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