by Scott Mandel, 04/16/2020, Lansing, MI

Adult Category

As I write this, we have been operating under the Shelter in Place Order and it’s amendments issued by the Governor for nearly a month. Essentially, it means we are not allowed to have fun. It has also largely shut down our economy except for “essential services”.

As strange as life has become as we practice “social distancing” and live hermetic existences, people have been remarkable. It appears these steps are working and the “virus “, COVID-19, may be on the wane.

There is so much we do not know, like when we can return to a semblance of normality. But those answers will eventually come.

This is our generation’s moment of sacrifice and hardship and compared to others it really is not that bad. We are not being asked to send our young to war or battle evil. We are instead being asked to do nothing other than stay home and avoid contact with others. This too will pass and I expect it will give us a real appreciation for all that we have taken for granted.