Life in the time of virus

Living Through the Coronavirus

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When COVID-19 shut down the state of Michigan, we knew we needed to stay connected. We needed to hear each other’s stories to process the strange new world we were living in. That’s why the National Writers Series created the Life in the Time of the Virus competition, offering awards in various categories to writers who expressed the challenges, heartaches, confusion, and even silver linings of the pandemic. Read on to hear from the writers of northern Michigan during one of the most turbulent moments of our lifetimes.

Special Mention – How The Corona Virus Impacted Me

by Savannah Wells, 05/13/2020, Boyne City, Mi Elementary K-5 Category Hi, my name is Savannah Wells and, well, I'm going to be telling you how my life has changed because of the Corona Virus. My mom is a flight attendant so she is considered an essential worker but according to the CDC guidelines, she is at high risk so she cannot work but she is still getting a portion of her pay so for a family of 5 we can barely make a living, but because of our wonderful schools and city, we can have snacks and a full meal . . .