Fernando is the CEO of Oneupweb. He acquired the digital marketing agency from its founder in 2014 while employed at Oneupweb as account executive. He came to Oneupweb in 2011 from GTM Central, an experiential marketing agency in New York City, where he served as a project manager for their liquor accounts, including Smirnoff and Don Julio.

Earlier, Fernando had worked as a creative consultant, producing television programs for media companies and building campaigns for advertising agencies like Droga5 in Los Angeles and New York City.

Since starting his career in media production, promotion, advertising and marketing, he has worked with brands such as ABC/ Disney, Honda, Best Western, G4/NBC Universal, and HBO.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Fernando got his exposure to content production early, as his father was a chef for a catering company that served movie sets and television production studios, including Miramax, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Motion Pictures.

Thanks to winning a fellowship through the Emma L. Bowen Foundation as a high school senior, Fernando had an opportunity to work for ABC/Disney through his college years. He graduated from California State University of Northridge with a degree in Strategic Marketing and with five years of network television experience already behind him.

After living in our country’s two largest cities, Fernando today happily calls beautiful Traverse City, Michigan his home. He lives with his wife, a Michigan native who he met in California, and their two dogs Bianca and Teddy. Two beautiful little Russian Bolonka’s.

The Traverse City Business News recognized Fernando’s creative vision and leadership by naming him one of “40 under 40,” their list of the region’s most influential professionals for 2016.

He’s passionate for social justice causes, childhood education, and causes that raise awareness around racism in America.

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