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Author Next Door: Jon Constant

By Molly Stadler Leelanau by Kayak is the perfect book to flip through while lounging on the sofa in the living room of your northern Michigan cottage, and dreaming of your next watery adventure. That’s just how author Jon R. Constant intended it to be. Meet Jon...

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Author Next Door: Dean Feldpausch

By: Anna Faller It was the perfect love story. A privileged prima ballerina and an agrarian aerial stuntman, entrenched in a clandestine affair, untraceable save for a single exchange. Did it ever happen?  Dean Feldpausch thinks it did; “and if [it] didn’t,” he...

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Author Next Door: Brooke Shaffer

By: Anna Faller Remember that creative kid in elementary school? Every class had theirs: that one kid who could fill every possible inch with writing, and still go on to another sheet of paper. Northern Michigan-based author Brooke Shaffer remembers, because she was...

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Author Next Door: Tom Carr

By: Anna Faller* Tom Carr is a man of mystery. Michigan mystery, that is. A Northville native, and former Detroit reporter, he’s seen a thing or two. And he’s certainly seen much of our beloved Mitten State. From Saline to The Sault, Carr knows Michigan’s many nooks...

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Authors Next Door: Barbara Stark-Nemon

Author Next Door Feature: October 13, 2018 By Anna Faller Barbara Stark-Nemon is a textbook multitasker. Following her retirement as a speech and language therapist, Stark-Nemon decided it was finally time to tackle her bucket list. Item number one? You guessed it:...

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Authors Next Door: Michelle White

Author Next Door Feature: September, 2018 By Anna Faller In a town defined by cherries, Michelle White is the unequivocal expert. The creator of Michelle’s Miracle nutraceutical brand and former-owner and founder of the Leland Cherry Company, White knows a thing or...

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Authors Next Door: Mandy Toomey

July, 2018 By: Anna Faller Nashville transplant and first-time author, Mandy Toomey, is a textbook triple-threat: no; not the show-biz kind, though she comes awfully close. Already a successful musician and new mom, Toomey can now add “published writer” to her...

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Authors Next Door: Anne-Marie Oomen and Linda Nemec Foster 

Mermaids don’t exist. It’s a dull, disheartening truth that we all probably accepted in childhood, despite Disney’s best efforts. But whatif they did? Seated next to each other at a reading of Alison Swan’s Fresh Water anthology more than a decade ago, local authors...

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Author Next Door Cari Noga

By Anna Faller Northern Michigan, and Grand Traverse County, in particular, is a place, but even more significantly, an attitude - a way of life, even - that’s unlike any other. Locals know it, tourists sense it, and the rest of the country only hears about it. This...

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Author Next Door Roger Hardnock Interview

By Anna Faller You might say that Roger Hardnock is a man of many talents. You might, and he is, but to leave it at that would be a substantial understatement. On the contrary, Hardnock is truly a jack-of-all-trades. As a bright and shiny college grad, he first...

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Author Next Door Tim Rappleye

By Paul Oh Meet Tim Rappleye, the author of the recently published Jack Parker's Wiseguys: The National Champion BU Terriers, the Blizzard of '78, and the Miracle on Ice. Mr. Rappleye’s love of hockey has driven much of his career spanning his work in the fields of...

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