More than a Metaphor: Poetry Masterclass

Date:  Mon July 25 & Wed 27th (Registration Deadline: July 22)

Format:  Traverse Area District Library Thirlby Room

Time:  2:00pm - 5:00pm

Class Size:  20  
Grade Level: 9th-12th Grade

“Every poem is a coat of arms. It must be deciphered. How much blood, how many tears in exchange for these axes, these muzzles, these unicorns, these torches, these towers, these martlets, these seedlings of stars and these fields of blue!”  Jean Cocteau

A metaphor can be a mask, can be a maker, a mistake. Metaphors capture the middle ground between truth and emotional truth, reality and the dreams that don’t want to stay dreams. In this 3-hour workshop/masterclass held by writer-in-theory Miracle Thornton, students in 9th-12th will tap into those bubbling liminal spaces to write poetry as self-expression, appreciation, and liberation. Poems for love and poems for misery. Poems for joy and poems for the dark. We will be engaging with texts from well-known poets (Emily Dickinson) and young writers (Darius Atefat-Peckham), approaching poetry as a practice and a chance for play.

This workshop will be held on Monday, July 25th with an additional outdoor workshop at Clinch Park on July 27th. Students will meet at the library for session one and then gather beside the water at Clinch Park for session two (backup rain location at NWS office). Participants may submit completed poems for a chance to read one at the National Writers Series Summer Gala AND to have their work published in the NWS student literary journal. 

Open for registration to interested vaccinated participants until July 22nd. 

“This program is not sponsored or endorsed by the Traverse Area District Library.”

About: Miracle Thorton

Miracle Thornton is from a small town in New Jersey. Her work has appeared in Rattle, DREGINALD, Silent Auctions, Soul Talk Mag, and elsewhere. She’s been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, Princeton University, among others. She graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in 2020 and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at Bennington College. 

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