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William Kent Krueger is best known for his series of novels with Sheriff Cork O’Connor, who is part Irish and part Ojibwe. He is also author of three stand-alone novels, including Ordinary Grace, awarded the Edgar award and This Tender Land, which is winning critical acclaim. The novelbegins at the Lincoln School, described as “a pitiless place where hundreds of Native American children, forcibly separated from their parents, are sent to be educated.” Four of the orphans escape and begin a journey down the Mississippi River in search of a real home.

Krueger grew up in Oregon, briefly attended Stanford University before he was kicked out for radical activities. After trying out different jobs—logging, constructoin and freelance writing—he became a researcher of child development at the University of Minnesota. He is now a full-time author with 18 Cork O’Connor mysteries and three standalone books, including the Edgar-winning Ordinary Grace and his latest, This Tender Land.

“A book you won’t own. It will own you. Long, sprawling, and utterly captivating, readers will eat up every delicious word of it.”

~ New York Journal of Books