Benjamin Busch at Horizon Books Today: “Today is Better Than Tomorrow”

Benjamin BuschTen years after he left Iraq as a Marine, Benjamin Busch left his farm in northern Michigan, flew to Baghdad, got in a taxi and drove alone with an interpreter all the way to the Iranian border. Here he’d spent some of the most intense hours and days of his life in and around a little village named Jassan. He returned to find what remained of the ancient settlement, the people he had known, and the stories they told of the last decade of turmoil. He quickly found himself the only American in Iraq’s Wasit Province, the only American journalist to visit in three years, and was a witness, again, to what had survived war with the outside and war from within.

Benjamin Busch will be at Horizon Books today (September 13) at 6PM for a Q&A around his new Harper’s essay, “Today is Better Than Tomorrow,” about Iraq 10 years after he invaded. The issue hit news stands yesterday.