FSW Student Poetry inspired by Dennos visit

This past spring, several of our Front Street Writers students went a field trip to the Dennos Art Museum. The art they saw on the trip served as inspiration for several beautiful poems.

After the sculpture Sedna

by Hannah Hohman

when something is cold
it can be beautiful
it can be a frozen landscape
of red and ice
a companionless god
alone in the expanse
of the galaxy
it can control you
control the things you hunt
the things you starve for
something can be beautiful
when it is cold
but it does not have to be
something can allow her face to morph
mouth to jut out
nose to flatten
eyes to hollow out
to become her name
but cold beauty does not lose her hair
when the breeze
touches her hair wrong
you can starve
until someone combs away her pain
combs all the tangles and snarls
so that she can swim
body long, neck curved
beyond the belts
and inside the clouds

rainbowartElectrons Tamed to Art
After Recollections by Ed Tannenbaum

by Sabryna Cisneros

Two hundred and fifty-six
colors display on a screen from a palette of millions
my silhouette is outlined, my body a mess
thank god there is no thermal sensor
or else I would be violet

pulsing radiating projecting
plastered in outlines
my mind is disoriented from every shade
I want to touch, I want to smell, I want to see my body’s rigid movements
because I cannot remember the last time it felt so good to spin in circles

to leap and sing

I am a glowing rocket, a shining whirlpool
I am a thousand me’s all at once

After Andy Warhol’s Space Fruit: Lemons

by Susie Ness

I want to be plastic
I want to blot you out
press your mouth together
draw lines across your eyes

silk screen a lemon
onto my tongue, but please
don’t let it


Fifty dollar soup cans
and a trip down memory lane

You are all the same

Sour lips whisper
You are so beautiful
Meet me by the intersection
Turn right
Swerve left

Loop around this way
I was rich in color
before I became just
another product