Stateside: NWS founder Doug Stanton helps put literary spotlight on Traverse City

Since 2009, readers from across the country have been making their way to downtown Traverse City for an opportunity to get to know some of the most celebrated authors and story-tellers of our time.

Now heading into its fourth year, the Traverse City National Writers Series, founded by Traverse City native Doug Stanton, has nearly doubled the amount of authors featured, according to their website.

The idea behind the series is to support Grand Traverse area high school students pursuing writing careers by hosting sessions that spark great conversations between authors and audience.

Cyndy spoke with the best-selling author.

She wanted to know what it is about Traverse City, and the people of the area, that has made it such a great setting to talk books?

Stanton said this area has always been both a place of last resort and a resort area.

“I think during the last economic engine, a lot of folks retired up here in midlife and there is a great unmet demand for this kind of activity,” he said.

Stanton said this hunger in the community for higher things was commensurate with his own urge to talk less about politics as entertainment and go back to the idea that art can be entertainment.

“My job…is to disappear on stage and allow our guest to come to life, and to create some transformative moments, which are more like theater then they are, say, the lecture room in a college class,” he said.

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