Student Teaching Opportunities


Poetry Writing Workshop

NWS holds poetry workshops at two elementary schools at Traverse Heights and Blair Elementary schools each year in March. Over the course of three sessions, students are introduced to poetry, write poems, and recite their best poem for the class in the third session. Students receive a book of the class poetry at the end of the three sessions. The instructor picks the top two poems, which are published in the NWS Literary Journal in June. If you’re interested in teaching, please contact Education Coordinator Sera Thompson at

  • 450 for 3 sessions ($150/session).
  • Fee paid includes: 1 meeting prior to 1st session (1/2 hour – 45 minutes), arriving 15 mins early each session.
  • Debriefing meeting after 3rd session. (1/2 hr. – 45 mins.)
  • NWS provides ALL the materials, including poetry resources, notebooks, and supplies for students, responsibility for getting copies, etc.

NWS/Northwestern Michigan College Creative Writing Workshops

National Writers Series partners with NMC to offer writing classes to students of all ages. NWS promotes the courses and helps find instructors, while NMC provides the facilities and posting in the College for Kids catalogs. Instructors are paid $500 per week for summer courses and negotiable amounts for courses taught in the fall and winter semesters. Instructors come up with the idea for the writing course and also define the time of year when they can teach. For more information, please call Anne Stanton at 231-486-6868.


Writer-in-Residence Fellowship

Each year, the National Writers Series seeks candidates for a Writer-in-Residence Fellowship, a 10-month position. We have not yet begun our search for the 2018-19 school year.


The National Writers Series of Traverse City, Michigan, and the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District are offering a fellowship and housing to a writer-in-residence. The WIR will work collaboratively with a certified teacher to help aspiring writers develop the skills of storytelling in a myriad of different forms.

This program is a collaboration created through a rare instance of a public agency and a non-profit organization coming together to serve the high public purpose of helping young people learn the art of expressing themselves in fiction, narrative non-fiction, essays, poetry, business, journalism and technical writing.

The writing workshop is open to high school juniors and seniors in the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District (TBAISD). Students are admitted through an application process. The program enrolls about 30 students with numbers split between morning and afternoon classes. The course is held at the Career Tech Center (CTC) in Traverse City. The writing workshop is jointly managed by the National Writers Series and a CTC Advisory Board. Students are taught by a visiting writer-in-residence (WIR) hired by the National Writers Series and a teacher hired by CTC. The WIR is a practicing and publishing writer, and leads the creative enterprise of teaching writing to the students. The teacher, also a publishing writer, manages logistics and works with the WIR in teaching students to:

  • Identify and master the craft of writing.
  • Learn the discipline and critical rigor required to submit their work for peer and teacher review.
  • Respond in a helpful and thoughtful manner in discussions about classmates’ writing.


The NWS-TBAISD program is based on a well-established creative writing program for high school students in the Traverse City area known as Front Street Writers. The FSW method embraces three elements: craft lessons involving the entire class, cohort writing workshops and master classes with visiting professional writers. The purpose of teaching students how to bring people, scenes, and ideas to life on the page is designed to inspire young people to pursue a living and a creative life as writers.


While students receive high school credit for FSW, the program differs from the traditional high school academic course, both in structure and rigor. FSW is a workshop-centered writing program. Both the teacher and the WIR strive to instill in students the desire and the means for their development as writers. FSW rigorously challenges emerging authors to write across genres, and to become adept, sensitive, critics of their own and others’ work. Each student is expected to spend 10 hours per week either in a morning or evening session. Along with the workshop training, students spend time engaging with nationally published writers and studying their work. Writers of national standing are available to Front Street Writers Workshop students because they travel to Traverse City as featured authors in the National Writers Series programs each fall and spring. They present craft lessons and participate in Q & A sessions with FSW students. Both the teacher and the WIR have critical roles in bringing leading writers to the students. The teacher ensures that the events are planned and executed in fulfilling the mission of the program. The WIR coordinates each visit and guides the discussion to insure that the authors support and reinforce student work in the craft classroom.

Outside the classroom, the teacher and the WIR have distinctive, but collaborative, roles in administering the program. They collaborate in the design and execution of the writing class; instruction is comprised of both craft lessons and peer workshops. The certified teacher facilitates public readings, coordinates with NWS, and participates with NWS to recruit students and the writer-in-residence for the following year. The teacher coordinates work experience, co-op, or internship opportunities for second-year students, develops and administers the program budget, coordinates student club participation, and other duties of a full-time CTC instructor.

The teacher and writer-in-residence work with the National Writers Series and its advisory board. It is a responsibility of the teacher to identify and invite advisory board members, oversee student scheduling, maintain grades, track attendance, provide oversight, and with the WIR, also teach craft lessons and lead cohorts of student workshops.

Because of the close working relationship between the WIR and teacher, it is essential that the WIR embrace the collaborative spirit of teaching established by the National Writers Series through its Front Street Writers workshops.

Collaboration with the FSW affords the teacher and the WIR a special opportunity to design a writing curriculum that addresses the required Michigan’s Career and Technical Education 12 segments of instruction. Writing instruction, as practiced by FSW and executed by the WIR, includes a multitude of writing forms around which to target career-applicable instruction: technical and trade; business and marketing; social media and digital media platforms, and journalism and broadcasting. In addition, instruction around producing and publishing is also required. Because this is a two- year program, the model for each of these segments considers returning students. Moreover, the curriculum builds on the existing skills of second-year writers while remaining accessible to first-time entrants.

Writer-in-Residence Application

The National Writers Series invites applications for a one-year writer-in-residence position in an innovative new collaborative program between a public school system and a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching students the power of storytelling.

TBAISD and the National Writers Series of Traverse City have formed an innovative partnership to serve the important purpose of helping young people learn the art of expressing themselves in writing in all of its forms: fiction, narrative non-fiction, essays, poetry. The writer-in-residence will be known as a Fellow of the National Writers Series.

The writer-in-residence will be selected annually to lead the creative enterprise of teaching writing to the students. The ideal candidate for the writer-in-residence position will have a national profile as a published writer in one or more fields. Candidates should have a record of proven excellence as an instructor in writing workshops. The desired candidate is flexible and open-minded. She/he is invigorated by working with high school students, energized by the prospect of leading the development and execution of a new, emerging program, and is self-motivated.

This innovative program requires a writer-in-residence with demonstrated abilities as a collaborator who would work effectively as a team with a professional teacher.

Highly qualified candidates will be interviewed. In that setting, they will be expected to communicate ideas and a vision of how she/he would adapt them to this innovative program and lead its growth. Candidates are expected to have a working knowledge of the skills of journalism.


Bachelor’s degree in English or the equivalent; MFA or comparable degree is preferred. Teaching in online settings is an asset. Applicants must submit published writing samples. Applications should include a cover letter, current curriculum vitae, summary of teaching experience, including evidence of teaching effectiveness or potential, and supporting materials. Contact information should be provided for three professional references, including one in the writing/journalism field.

Responsibilities and Duties

Collaborate with Career Tech Center instructor to develop the FSW program including a scope and sequence for the course, unit plans, and lesson plans.