An Evening with Jeffrey Eugenides

Jeffrey Eugenides is an American Pulitzer Prizewinning novelist and short story writer. Born in Detroit, he went on to earn writing degrees from Brown and Stanford Universities before launching his career as a novelist. He gained national attention when his 1993 novel, “The Virgin Suicides,” was adapted into a critically acclaimed fi lm starring Kirsten Dunst by Sophia Coppola in 1999. Eugenides’ next book, “Middlesex,” exploded onto the publishing scene in 2002, selling more than three million copies, winning the Pulitzer Prize for fi ction and the Ambassador Book Award, and topping several “best-of-year” lists. The novel was also an offi cial Oprah Book Club pick. Nine years later, Eugenides is preparing to release his long-awaited third novel, entitled “The Marriage Plot” (out in October). Already garnering rave reviews from critics, who are calling it Eugenides’ best novel to date, the book has been described as a “brilliant, funny and heartbreaking novel about the glories and vicissitudes of young love.” Following a triangle of friends from college into the complicated realm of adulthood, Eugenides writes with irony and wit about a generation fi nally beginning to grow up. Eugenides is a proud Michigander who says he has a “perverse love” for his hometown of Detroit, and who often works with organizations to support young writers. Eugenides takes the Lars Hockstad stage with Doug Stanton in a rare public appearance to discuss his life and work. The evening will conclude with a reception and book signing with the author.