Front Street Writers: Moth storytellers spin their tales and reveal their tale-telling secrets

Thursday was a magical day at Front Street Writers. NWS brought in two storytellers from the Moth MainStage (money incredibly well spent) to tell their own stories and reveal their trade secrets. Shannon told a story about his gambling addiction and how, in the space of an afternoon, gambled away $50K he impulsively lifted from the bank where he worked. David spoke about his friendless time in junior high, watching scary movies alone with his mom, and one day, hoping a Frederica Krueger Halloween costume complete with heels would get him accepted at a party. Their stories, said one FSW student, made her her feel like she had two new instant friends. David told the kids how to build a story (tell the world the way it used to be, and then one day … ). Katherine McCarthy, also from the Moth, gave them hints about what to do when they forgot something (“and, oh, did I mention …) or what to do when you’re nervous (admit to the audience and gain their sympathy). Here’s a great story from IPR on their visit.IMG_2027 (1)