June is National Bathroom Reading Month

I once knew an English professor who boasted that he read the whole of Dickens on the toilet. I was never sure if the boast was for reading everything Dickens wrote or for reading it in the bathroom. Regardless, my hunch is that he would have received a shoutout from the Bathroom Readers Institute (Motto: “Stand up for those who sit down and read.”) but he predated that organization.

June is National Bathroom Reading Month. While you won’t find National Bathroom Reading Month on any official government list, you can find it at Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, where you will also discover that this publisher hosts the Bathroom Readers Institute. Uncle John’s puts out an annual Bathroom Reader since 1988, but also publishes such esoteric eBook titles as Uncle John’s Political Briefs, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Zipper Accidents, and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Flush Fiction. For the younger set, there’s Uncle John’s Facts to Annoy Your Teacher Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!, Uncle John’s Strange and Scary Bathroom Reader For Kids Only. And, for regional reading interests, consider the likes of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Texas and Uncle John’s Plunges into Canada (Illustrated Edition).

Another wealth of information about National Bathroom Reading Month can be found at Red Letter Press, which publishes The Bathroom Library (where you will find such titles as The Bathroom Baseball Book, The Bathroom LOL Book, and The Bathroom Social Media Joke Book). Red Letter Press President Jack Kreismer lists 10 reasons why people read in the bathroom:

#10- more socially acceptable than yodeling
#9- promotes better posture than Barcaloungers
#8- tank-top tailor-made for bookrack
#7- no pain-in-the-butt librarian “sssshhhhsshing” you
#6- kills two birds with one kidney stone
#5- elastic band around ankles increases blood supply to eyeballs
#4- usually no stranger reading over your shoulder
#3- keeps mind off irrational fear of snakes inhabiting plumbing fixtures
#2- unlike reading at the beach, involves no deadly cosmic rays
And the #1 reason why people read in the bathroom – good supply of 2-ply bookmarks always close at hand

Of course, if you just don’t have enough room for yet more books in your bathroom, you can simply download the almost-free Bathroom Readers App from Uncle Johns.