30-Minute Interview with Ambassador Istrabadi

April 27, 2012

For those of you who were at last week’s outstanding lecture by Iraqi Ambassador Istrabadi and for those of you who missed it:  A 30 minute interview with the Ambassador conducted by IAF’s Ted Curran will air on Upnorth TV (channels 2, 97 or 992) today, Friday (April 27) at 10 pm, and Sunday (April 29) at 3 pm.

In the course of the interview, Ambassador Istrabadi discusses US policymaking in Iraq, explains Shia/Sunni divisions within Iraq, and underlines the importance of the Kurds to any effort to bring about democracy in Iraq.

Re-Broadcast of Ambassador Istrabadi’s Lecture
Ambassador Istrabadi’s lecture from last week will be rebroadcast on Upnorth TV next Friday (May 4) at 9:30 pm, Saturday (May 5) at 7 pm, and Sunday (May 6) at 3 pm.